Lingerie from France
Lingerie from france

Quality and tradition:
A constant looking for excellence!

Lingerie CHARLOTT’ offers luxury French lingerie products at soft price. What a Challenge it is! You'd have rather read …. collections are designed in collaboration with integrated fashion designers and others working "free-lance". The choice of raw materials invites us to come back in time in the purest tradition of Calais laces: As they are positioned top of the range they have names such as Leavers, labelized Leavers, Jacquard Tronic… The other materials are also select: CHARLOTT gladly uses Guipure, embroideries, modal or micro fibers.

Lingerie Charlott' characteristics are: Textiles "handled smoothly", bra armatures with memory effect, systematically doubled low bonnets, double stopping point wore on very technical models (luxury Collection), laces sued together in the respect of the symmetry of motives, multicolor embroideries under any form, in lurex thread, on extensible tulle … The finishing detail fits itself without contest into the tradition of prestigious French brands.

After the first step of models drawing, the CHARLOTT’s fashion designers , designers, method and quality checking agents team carries out a rigorous choice of materials. Then, there are resistance tests: performance of prototypes tested by benevolent customers during 2 weeks: Wore, washed, wore again, washed again with an analysis form carefully set up …Before being definitely selected, nothing is left to chance, the models which are modified again and chosen are tested again by women during 4 months before being launched in production.

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